What is the Love Mode all about?

eX-Sense Love analysis is designed mostly for entertainment purposes and detects the associated emotions, typically indicative of Love. It measures your subject’s level of deep and constant excitement and his level of concentration in order to detect if serious feelings are involved in the conversation. The Love mode is not a truth verification tool so you don’t need to ask direct questions.

Keep the conversation casual and non-threatening. The love detection algorithm looks for constant feelings that are not dependent nor are they a function of the topics of conversation. Moreover, news about having won the lottery might show your subject to be in love with the whole world. We advise you to proceed with caution when analyzing the results.

Love mode does not require any calibration and the system starts working as soon as the button is clicked. In the upper right hand corner, you will see the wave file. To start, click on the "Set Mode" to select the Love Analysis Mode. Click on the "Set Source" and choose the telephone as your source. Love analysis has to be done in secrecy and preferably via the telephone.  If the laws in your country do not allow this, you cannot use this testing mode.

After having made the appropriate selections, you can now call your friend. Select the gender by clicking on the image of the person. As soon as the voice comes through, the love analysis begins. The system will start with a Love Level of NONE and then increase. The system can show a maximum of 5 hearts. If extreme emotions are detected, the system will let you know immediately. Once the conversation is over, click on the "End Test" button to review the report. Click on the "Reset" button to start a new test.

Important Notes: Think twice before calling your husband/wife. Since he/she sees you every day, think about how excited they will be talking to you... If your friend is particularly excited about some event, e.g., lottery, salary increase, etc. it might not be the best time to run the test. Also be aware that the system might mistake lust for love.

Remember that although we know the analysis algorithm is very accurate, sometimes (technical problems or human nature) the results might not be correct:

If "no love" is detected, it might just be a bad timing. Try again later, as your friend may be busy doing something else, in the middle of work, or just not concentrating