The SENSE tm Technology - To go beyond the human voice...

SENSE technology is the most advanced voice analysis technology for personal use available today. SENSE is the 3rd generation of the old Truster tm technology, invented in Israel in 1997 by Mr. Amir Liberman, originally for security purposes only.

SENSE technology "listens" to the minute changes that occur in the human voice when a sudden process starts in the brain and extract some of the attention needed to process the words. 

SENSE is the commercial version of the security level LVA (Layered Voice Analysis) technology, used in Security and professional applications. SENSE is further adapted to meet the expected emotional "structure" of a free, non-intimidating conversation. 

Unlike other voice stress analysis technologies, SENSE can analyze different layers in the voice while providing an in-depth view into the subject's range of emotions.

SENSE can detect if your subject is excited, confused, stressed, unwillingly sharing information, concentrated, anticipating your responses and even if your friend really likes you...

The SENSE technology is a "Poly-Layer" Voice Analysis, which uses multiple parameters (129 parameters to be exact) gathered from every speech segment. Therefore, SENSE can go deeper and faster than any other voice analysis technology.

eX-Sense was developed as a part of our on-going effort to achieve better, faster and more in-depth voice analysis tools.

VocalGraph™ (VoiceGraph) Technology

The VocalGraph / VoiceGraph technology is based on the same fundamentals as the SENSE / LVA technologies, but is tuned to expose extreme emotional situations associated with lies and deception. The VocalGraph analysis is displayed on a single bar that changes its color from green to red, based on the emotional intensity associated with lying, which makes it very useful for Television. The new eX-Sense also uses the VocalGraph analysis to better judge the likelihood of deception. However, unlike what is shown on some popular TV shows, it will use the analysis only as a part of the eX-Sense final analysis. This makes it much more suitable for personal use and for the analysis of an on-going conversation.



Voice analysis has finally evolved!

eX-Sense is one of the most advanced Personal Voice-Analysis systems ever- and the easiest one to use. Just install it on your PC, connect it to your telephone (using our special phone connector included in the package) and start working.

eX-Sense is available to meet your needs and budget for home users and non-professional business managers.

WARNING! eX-Sense is so powerful and so easy to use, you might get addicted…

eX-Sense has 2 modes of operation: The "Risk" mode eX-sense is designed to detect Excitement, Confusion, incidental and general Stress, Inaccuracies and Lies. Using the "Love" mode... you can guess for yourself.

eX-Sense Risk Mode

eX-Sense Risk Mode is now more accurate then ever. It uses a simplified display for unplanned conversations.

eX-Sense LOVE Mode

What Is LOVE? Without getting into the philosophical side of it, Love (or Lust) changes our voice dramatically. We become more excited (constantly!) and more concentrated when we speak with the one we want. eX-Sense can detect this in no time flat! 

eX-Sense Love Mode is a new feature in the world of voice analysis. It uses an extremely user-friendly interface and conducts conversations to discover those things that really matter. The Love detection algorithm, is the result of more than 4 years of studies and research, and is now within arms reach.  

You will LOVE it...