Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What Exactly is eX-Sense?

eX-Sense is a revolutionary voice analysis tool designed to meet the needs of individuals who need a quick, simple and reliable truth verification tool for their day to day business (as well as other) activities. eX-Sense uses Nemesysco's semi-professional emotion detection algorithm to provide information regarding your subject's statements that would otherwise not be available.

Does eX-Sense work on Windows Vista?

Yes, it will work on Windows XP and Windows Vista.


Is eX-Sense a "Lie-Detector"?

Professionals in the field of Truth Verification know there is no such thing as a real "Lie Detector", because lying is not associated with a single specific mental state. eX-Sense is an emotion detector. It can give you an indication about the way your subject feels while he or she is speaking, and warn you about possible issues that are worthy of your attention. Although eX-Sense will use the message "False Statement" for these issues, you should consider this message only as a warning that the statement in question has a high risk of being false. This information can give you a business advantage for negotiating a better deal, hiring better personnel, choosing a more reliable supplier, or simply letting you know if the person is being honest regarding a specific issue.

Do I Need to be a professional to use eX-Sense?

No. eX-Sense is not a professional tool and can be used by anyone. Naturally, amateur use is more susceptible to errors.

Can I completely rely on the "eX-Sense" findings?

eX-Sense is an excellent decision support tool, and in combination with your own judgment and common sense, can be of great assistance. However, like any automated system, it is not 100% accurate all the time. Therefore, it is important that you do NOT reach a decision based solely on your interpretations of an eX-Sense analysis. Use eX-Sense to highlight issues in a conversation that may need further exploration or clarification via other means. You will find eX-Sense to be accurate in the vast majority of cases. Nevertheless, eX-Sense may still fail from time to time due to various circumstances, such as sudden background noises during the test, bad phone connection, impaired hardware or other errors.

How accurate is the eX-Sense analysis?

The SENSE technology accuracy is dependent upon several factors: 

  1. The emotional involvement and jeopardy of the tested party with regard to what is being analyzed. Jokes and lies of minimal involvement will produce very limited emotional activity.
  2. The quality of the input and signal to noise ratio. High noise levels, or too low or too high input volumes (beyond the sound cards ability to record) will produce erroneous results.
  3. Proper operation of the system. eX-Sense is a semi-automatic system. Calibration quality in the online modes, and proper preparation of the subject to the test all have an effect on the results (technological measures are taken to prevent most of these issues).
  4. The test settings and possible uncontrolled interferences or environmental distractions (unless the distraction is part of the test stimuli).
  5. "Border line" personality issues or clinical conditions of the tested party may cause strange or inaccurate results. 

Essentially, if the quality of the voice is reasonably good and the operation and preparation is proper, the emotional analysis component will be almost 100% accurate. In this case, the technology will properly present how the tested subject is feeling in terms of emotional charge, cognitive conflicts and general stress (“Fight or Flight” syndrome). If the intention to deceive is genuine and this poses jeopardy on the tested subject, (assuming the tested party falls within the standard range of “sanity” or "normality"), then the Inaccuracy and Lie determination will also be accurate more than 90% of the time. (In the latest field research study conducted on 500 passengers in an airport, LVA -the security version of the technology- was able to render an overall accurate analysis in all 500 cases.)

It is important to mention that False Positives (false detection of False statements) may occur if the tested party is asked personal questions which cause embarrassment AND the subject feels cornered or pressured to answer. In these situations, the system may mistakenly consider the heightened stress and embarrassment levels as indications of a lie. However, these situations are rare when the subject is voluntarily providing information, i.e, during his free description. It is also important to take into account that sometimes, more insightful subjects will provide a logical answer that will be a "good enough" compromise on the truth in their mind, and no (or very little) stress will be registered. (False Negatives)

Is eX-Sense language-dependent?

No. eX-Sense does not interpret the words that are spoken. Rather, it looks for unique anomalies in the vocal waveform of the person speaking. These anomalies are caused by the brain as a response to the emotions and stress that are experienced when a person knowingly provides false information. These phenomena occur regardless of the language or dialect spoken. You may find that individuals from different cultures may show more or less excitement or stress in certain situations. However, internal reactions associated with honesty and deception are universally the same.

What kinds of feelings does eX-Sense detect?

eX-Sense can detect a wide variety of emotions and cognitive states, depending on it's current mode of operation (see below). In general, Nemesysco's voice analysis technology is designed to identify your subject's level of excitement (positive and negative), his level of mental/logical (cognitive) conflict, his level of stress, mental effort, his willingness to divulge information, concentration, anticipation and even deep emotional states related to love.

Am I allowed to offer services to others using eX-Sense?

No. The eX-Sense family is designed for personal use only. The software will perform properly in a relaxed and non-threatening environment. Formal investigation procedures create a different psychological mental state and eX-Sense will not perform properly under these conditions. Only our professional tools are equipped to handle such cases.

What does eX-Sense stand for?

eX-Sense stands for EXTRA-SENSE, a quality we would all like to have when making important decisions.