Introducing eX-Sense PRO: The Business and Security Version

In Business, exposing the truth, or knowing where people really stand can make you, or break you.

One of the most effective ways to protect your business and gain a competitive edge is to make informed decisions based on accurate information. As a decision maker, you need access to the truth at all times, but the truth is not always easily obtained.

eX-Sense Pro is designed for the business environment to help you keep your business safe and to have the ability to obtain and verify information that would be next to impossible to extract, which gives you the ultimate competitive edge.

What can eX-Sense Pro do for you?

  • Negotiate better deals
  • Hire more skilled and honest personnel
  • Know the reliability of suppliers, partners or customers
  • Aid in loss prevention and recovery
  • Knowing the truth sooner is cost effective.
  • Aid in interrogations
  • Analyze phone calls, recordings or recorded phone calls.
  • Realize threats sooner than later

With the extensive yet easy to understand manual, the eX-Sense Pro is easy to use.  Some of the more advanced features will require some practice, but can be mastered in no time!

eX-Sense Pro advanced features include...

  • Record your test sessions and store them in the database for easy retrieval.
  • Replay recorded conversations using the special "Emotion Player".
  • In addition to the emotions analyzed by the Home Version, eX-Sense pro can detect 'hesitation' and 'general stress' (Hesitation is in fact a very important analysis in the business environment!)
  • Use the graph display for advanced analysis.
  • Use the 'Deep' mode to learn even more about how your tested party thinks.
  • Use the 'structures conversation' tool to get an indication about different issues of importance
  • Use a high quality USB phone connector
  • Enjoy our professional level support

PLEASE NOTE - The eX-Sense Pro does NOT include the Love Analysis mode.  This is for home version only.

The eX-Sense package contains: an Installation CD with a unique License Number, a high quality USB phone connector* connecting between your standard phone and your PC LINE-IN socket.

* in order to analyze phone calls, you must have a standard phone (not cordless/wireless) and a free USB socket available in your PC.



Our Price $945

Retail: $1000.00


If you believe the extra "PRO" features are not needed by you, please see our eX-Sense Home Version, for the low cost version.