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Lie Detector Software eX-Sense

Voice Stress Analysis.


The world's most accurate Software based Voice-Only Lie Detector Polygraph.


What does it do?

Through voice alone, eX-Sense can determine whether your subjects have doubts, what troubles them in an ongoing conversation, and when (if at all) they are not being completely honest.  New eX-Sense lie detector software calibrates faster and is more accurate than ever!

Person to Person - Turn your laptop  into a portable polygraph.  Use this lie detector software to Analyze live conversations or interviews using your computer microphone.  As a deterrent, let your subject know, or analyze without them knowing. Lie detector can be used in person
Live or  recorded phone calls - Phone conversations are especially easy to analyze due to the quality.  Recorded phone conversations will give you the opportunity to take your time and complete a better analysis. Use home polygraph with your laptop
Television or speeches - On recorded or live television, find out who's telling the truth about things like war or even the status of a public company!  Digital TV offers great quality for analyzing. Use this as a deception detection tool and truth verification. Record live speeches and use lie detector

Recordings - Analyze recorded phone calls or person to person recordings.  eX-Sense allows extra time for a more detailed analysis.

BETTER THAN TRUSTER lie detection software. You can trust that our software will give the most accurate results.


How Lie Detector Software Works

use recording device and use voice stress analysis on the recording
'Sense' Technology: Sense Technology is the most advanced voice analysis technology ever. Sense uses LVA (Layered Voice Analysis).  Sense Technology 'listens' to the minute changes that occur in the human voice when a sudden changes in the brain extract attention needed to process words.

Sense analyzes different layers in the voice while providing an in-depth view into the subjects range of emotions. Sense Technology is a 'Poly-Layer' Voice Analysis, which uses multiple parameters (129 of them!) gathered from every speech segment. Sense can go deeper and faster than any other voice analysis technology. Simply put, the best lie detection software available in it's price range.


Lie detector calibration

VoiceGraph Technology: Similar to LVA Technology, VoiceGraph Technology is tuned to expose extreme emotional situations associated with lies and deception. The VoiceGraph analysis is displayed on a single bar that changes it's color from green to red, based on the emotional intensity associated with lying, which makes it very useful for analyzing recordings. eX-Sense also uses VoiceGraph analysis to better judge the likelihood of deception. This makes it useful for the analysis of an ongoing conversations.


software polygraph detects lies

'Lie Detection mode': Get the bottom line faster! Use the online analysis to find out whether your subjects have doubts, what troubles them in an ongoing conversation, and when (if at all) they are not being completely honest. New eX-Sense calibrates faster and is more accurate than ever!


eX-sense Lie Detector Software

eX-Sense software package - Receive right away!  The software is downloaded, and you receive the KEYCODE after payment made through Paypal.  Please note:  Once key code provided, there is no refund.

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exsense software better than truster has love mode


Included in eX-Sense Lie Detector Software!

No calibration necessary! Use in person or by phone!

Our eX-Sense lie detector software can also be used in Love Detector mode! The Love Detection voice algorithm is the result of 4 years of studies and research.  Make sure your new relationships are on the right track. Find out how interested the other party really is!

Love (or Lust) changes our voice dramatically. We become more excited and more concentrated when we speak with the one we want. eX-Sense can detect this in no time flat!

Using a series of patented signal processing algorithms, SENSE analyzes the voice of an individual to detect various degrees of stress, cognitive processes and emotional reactions.

Together, these comprise a snapshot of what we call the "emotional structure" of an individual at the time of voice capture.

While SENSE utilizes a subset of LVA's analytical parameters, the technology is based on the same core mathematical engine.


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